100 Happy Days – Day 98

day98I have a little confession to make – the photos of the last three days of 100 Days were all taken on Day 100, but the events they depict happened on the correct days – I just wasn’t well enough on day 98 and 99 to organise the taking of photos. So, with that out of the way …..

Day 98 – father and son bonding time – Stonelaughter and Bean went looking at bikes and deciding what size bike Bean needs. Then they generally just hung out together and enjoyed each other’s company. This is a Good Thing.

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2 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 98

  1. What a sweet sweet picture and a lovely way to end the 100 happy days on xx

  2. What a lovely picture I am glad you got to finish your 100 happy days with such a great picture

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