100 Happy Days – Day 97

fluteSunday was not a good or happy day for me – with fibromyalgia flaring badly, I spent the entire day in pain and drifting in and out of restless sleep.

Stonelaughter had the children in the garden playing happily whilst he worked on a new flute, which meant I was able to spend the day resting. From time to time, the sound of a new flute’s voice drifted across the garden. I love hearing a new flute come to life, its voice developing as the holes are added.

Long before I was awake enough to see it, the flute was finished, so when I was finally a bit more with it, late in the evening, I was able to see the new addition. He’s a beauty! You can see this flute, along with the other Native American style flutes he has for sale over on hubby’s website Stonelaughter Flutes

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3 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 97

  1. That is one beautiful flute, hope you feeling better today x

  2. Your husband is very talented. That is a very beautiful flute.

    I hope you feel better today

    Laura x x x

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