100 Happy Days – Day 96

The two tags that we brought away us to rehome

The two tags that we brought away us to rehome

On Saturday we did something we have never done before. A couple of things infact. We attended our first Geocaching event, and took part in our first ever flash mob.

The flash mob was part of the of the 11th World Wide Flash Mob, an annual Geocaching event. Last year, over 25000 cachers attended one of 558 events in 42 countries. Hopefully there were even more this time around.

We drove out to Nottingham Airport and headed to the cafe. Eventually we plucked up the courage to talk to some other people and find out if they were cachers (they were), and then the fun started – we were introduced to people, showed how to “discover” travel bugs, got some great information about some cache series which will be fun to do with the children and “grabbed” a couple of travel bugs to tak away and drop off in other caches soon.

The flash mob part was very successful – a whistle blew and everyone involved froze immediately, whatever they were doing. Stonelaughter was holding PK at the time, who was after some milk. I was half way through opening my bra to feed him. I took an executive decision that I wasn’t going to sit still as a statue for 5 minutes with my boob out, so took PK off Stonelaughter and settled him down to feed. Then I stayed as still as a statue. Stonelaughter took the flash mob very seriously and continued to hold his invisible baby and didn’t even move when his lunch arrived halfway through.

The non-cacher customers in the cafe were very bemused at the sudden silence as the majority of people in the cafe suddenly stopped (except for Plum, who despite being primed to “play statues” when the whistle blew, continued to cook her casserole in the play corner). Bean did well, freezing with one hand halfway to his face.

After five minute,s the whistle blew again and everyone continued where they left off – conversations picked up mid-word, cake paid for (the whistle blew just as some children were about to hand over money for cake and they stopped in mid air!), and the buzz returned to the cafe. It was fab!

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3 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 96

  1. Sounds great. I’ve never done geocaching but is sounds fun popping over from http://www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk

  2. I think I am going to start doing the 100 days of happy posts too. I think it is great to find something positive in each day, as there is always something, no matter how small.

  3. haha typical to get frozen with boob out. Great idea posting 100 days happy as blog posts. Going to go and check out the other days.
    Jen x

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