100 Happy Days – Day 94

2014-06-05 23.51.48

Our world map taking up most of the wall, and waiting to be adorned with World Cup related geography.

Well what a difference a day makes. After such an awful day on Wednesday, Thursday pulled its socks up and was a flipping good day. We’ll quietly pretend my laptop packing up didn’t happen – it would be a shame to put a black cloud over such a good day.

There was no one big thing that happened, but lots of things that worked well. We started our new home ed topic, which you can read about here and it went well. I had a good day, illness-wise (until I crashed at 5pm, but until then it was a good day). A payment arrived for a large order, I managed to order some things for camping at an unbelievable discount- so good in fact that even though we didn’t need the main part of the purchase (a tent), it was cheaper to buy the tent than to buy the free gear that came with it, which we need need.  I ended up getting a two man tent (which the kids will probably use in the garden), a rucksack, a one ring gas stove, a pan set, cooking utensils, four tupperware tubs and 4 gas canisters for an amazing £19.60.

Just an all round good day!

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2 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 94

  1. I am glad you had a good day after having an bad Wednesday. What an awesome find, getting all that camping equipment for such a low price. I hope today has also been a good day for you.

    Laura x x x

  2. Aww it’s always nice to have a few little things really perk you up after a previous bad day. We’ve had similar today and it’s been so nice having just a happy day with things going right!

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