I haven’t been as good at taking photos for this project as I had intended – we get caught up in what we’re doing and I forget to take a photo. I think it’s fair to say it’s going to take more than 100 days to get to[…]

Did you guess last week’s clue? It was a cheese grater – the funny-I-don’t-actually-know-what-this-one-is-for-side of a cheese grater. Diana from Toronto Teacher Mom takes home the trophy for first correct answer. What do you think this one might be? What Am I?

Until now, this little monster has been known as PK. From now on he is to be known as Houdini. In this warm weather, Plum and PK have had free access to the back garden from the lounge. The back door has been open all day. The tall[…]

I love good quality pans. There I said it. So shoot me. I love my heavy cast iron casserole (even I struggle to lift it at the moment). I love the little crepe pan I have. The big griddle pan we were bought as a wedding present. The[…]

Having finished my 100 Happy Days posts I thought I would take part in this challenge that I have seen. I’ve been wanting to take part for a little while, but couldn’t commit to doing that whilst also doing another photo challenge!  I’ll be doing this one slightly[…]

Well done to everyone who got last week’s clue … it was a birthday candle flame and there were 39 missing because last Wednesday was my 40th birthday! Bragging rights go to Karren from Oh My Heartsie Girl this week for being the first home with the correct answer.[…]