A Simple Concept

voteBean rang me from his holiday in Norfolk the other night to tell me what he’d been up to. Plum is enjoying her holiday and doesn’t seem to be missing us at all. I’m glad she’s having fun.

In the midst of all the excited tales of treasure hunting, Bean suddenly asked “Mummy, who won the Euro elections in our area?” He has been following the elections as much as an eight year old can, and came with both Stonelaughter and I when we voted (we went separately, and he went with both of us). He approved of our voting choice, and confirmed that we had both voted for the same party.

So when I told him, somewhat despondently, that UKIP had come in top in our region his reply was

UKIP??? Oh no. But they’re racist! Why would people vote for them?

And I have to wonder, if an eight year old can grasp such a simple truth, why do so many of the voting public struggle with it?

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5 comments on “A Simple Concept

  1. These days kids are brighter than we think.

  2. My younger brother is 9 (big age gap) and he too has said similar things about UKIP, it’s amazing what kids pick up and learn about politics at such a young age. Amazing to think that kids can understand the concept of UKIP but obviously the majority of british voters can’t!


  3. I’m very impressed that you’ve instilled political interest at such a young age. Take heed grown ups!

  4. Beckie on said:

    He has summed it up down to a T! Words completely fail but hopefully there will be hope in the next generation to get it right 🙂

  5. It’s awful isn’t it!
    I don’t know what’s worse the one’s that voted for UKIP or the ones who didn’t vote at all

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