100 Happy Days – Day 85

729901673519613817_2416632After speaking to the children on Monday evening, we confirmed with their grandparents that they could stay another two days and come home on Thursday, since they were both having such a great time and wanted to stay,

So imagine our surprise when we received a text at 10am on Tuesday to say that they were on their way home! Bean had apparently woken up on Tuesday and decided that he couldn’t last another day without us and so they packed up and came home.

PK was beside himself when Bean and Plum arrived home – he was stomping up and down the room waving his arms in the air and couldn’t stop smiling. Plum looked like she’d had great fun and kept telling me how much she loved me and how much she had missed me. Bean wanted lots of hugs. He looked pleased to be home again, even though he’d had a great time. He really missed PK.

And so this was their reunion picture – a bit blurry because they couldn’t sit still and this was a one shot deal – as soon as it was taken, they were off, so no second chances!  It’s great to have them home 🙂


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5 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 85

  1. Ahh they look very happy to be home, lovely they had such a lovely time as well though. My 3 love their Grandparents.

  2. It looks as though they are glad to be home…

  3. Aw they look so cute together, funny how quickly kids can change their minds x

  4. Hi Mahala .. bet they change their mind and wished they’d stayed those extra days .. but still it’s the way of the world and they do look so happy to be home … wonderful family .. cheers Hilary

  5. They look really happy to be home!

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