100 Happy Days – Day 79

The first chance I had to get back to the allotment after our trip to Oxford was Wednesday! Luckily, we’d had someone looking after it for us and watering the greenhouses.  I was amazed at all the growth I found.

2014-05-21 18.21.34

Signs of life!

Remember last week when I took a scythe to all those weeds? You’d never know I’d done it now 🙁   There was good news too though. Two of the six soft fruit canes I planted which all looked dead have shown signs of life at last, and I think they will grow quickly now. The others are looking very much like dead sticks though, so I might have to go begging for some replacements!

The potatoes we planted have all grown a lot and are easy to see now. The carrots and parsnips may well be doing the same, but their bit of plot has grown lots of weeds whilst we were away and it’s hard to see what’s what!

The tomatoes are looking very strong now and I’ve had to put the cane structure in place to support them. One particularly robust looking plant has lots of flowers on it already.

My strawberries are flowering, and there are some very small, solid, green berries growing on some of them. I moved them outside from the greenhouse, so I’ll need to get a net over those soon.

I also transplanted the runner beans to one of the teepees, planted peas around the large teepee and transplanted some of the children’s sunflowers out into open ground amongst the peas and the fruits. They are going to have a competition to see who can grow the biggest sunflower – they sowed ten each and I have to say that Plum seems to be ahead at the moment – she has some of the strongest looking ones (and two of Bean’s haven’t germinated at all!)


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3 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 79

  1. Your allotment sounds like its coming along really nicely, love to see more photos 🙂

  2. I really wish I had green fingers I would love to plant my own fruit and veg.

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