Bean’s Teepee

So, I’ve finally managed to get a plot prepared for our beans and peas on the allotment. Dug, weeded, canes up. I’ve done where NBF told me to do it – the place where he’d dug in a couple of tonnes of manure in a few months ago, in preparation for his own beans and peas.

beanpolesMost of the dozen or so allotments between the car park and my plot have had their bean canes in place for a couple of weeks now. And every plot which has them has done them in exactly the same way – nice, neat, uniform rows. They’ll look lovely when they’re covered in the vines. Ours aren’t quite like that. They look great and everything, but they’re not much fun are they?

beanteepeeSo, taking my cue from the Kids’ Garden* card deck, I made something a bit more …. exciting. At the moment, it’s just canes, but as the beans and/or peas grow, they will form a covering around the frame of the teepee I made – a teepee large enough for the children to sit inside and hide. Either side of it will be smaller teepees, without an opening, and there will be a row of smaller ones in front  of the opening, so they will be really hidden in their den. In between each of the frame will be the sunflowers that the children have planted, to attract the bees, who will pollinate our plants and give us (hopefully) a bumper crop!



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3 comments on “Bean’s Teepee

  1. HiMahala .. love the teepee – very clever .. and I sure hope they grow lots of beans and peas .. have fun .. cheers Hilary

  2. My son would love something like this! 🙂

  3. You are really good doing this. I just hand over most of the gardening stuff to the OH – with good instructions….

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