100 Happy Days – Day 63

Another day out today – back to the castle where we met the Vikings, but this time we bumped into hordes of pirates!

piratesBean and Plum dressed up as pirates – Bean, having grown out of his pirate costumes, chose the clothes he thought looked most piratey – red shorts and a stripy tshirt, and a pirate hat. He very kindly gave Plum his pirate costume – the trousers were far too big, but the jacket worked well over her leggings and she was over the moon when he added the hat and sword too. I was really impressed with him – he gave her the sword even though he couldn’t find his wooden sword, and he gave the hat he had planned to wear when he realised it was too small – and he made do with pretending a card tube was a sword and showed no disappointment at all.

This one liked to wolf whistle!

This one liked to wolf whistle!

Bean had asked for a pirate beard, so out came a soft black eye-liner and I took direction from him on what kind of beard he wanted. Plum wanted a beard too, and an eye-patch, but PK was not in the least bit interested in joining in the pirate games!

There wasn’t as much to do at the pirate day as we had expected, but the children had lots of fun, saw “Jack Sparrow”, hunted for treasure, climbed the hills and had a ride in the merry-go-round. We bumped into some friends we hadn’t seen for while, so Bean and their eldest son went off for a sword fight. Apparently, they chopped each other’s arms off.

parrot1On the way out, we passed a stall full of parrots – promoting an organisation which takes in and looks after parrots. We stopped to have a look – lots of different colours and sizes, and one which took quite an interest in PK sitting on my back.  Plum was a very brave pirate, and had a parrot on her shoulder. She loved it, until the parrot tried to move a little to be steadier and then she flapped a bit, and so did the parrot. They were both soothed quickly though, and Plum stroked the parrot to say goodbye.

By the time we got home, we had two very tired little pirates, and a not-so-tired bigger pirate. And two very tired parents!

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3 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 63

  1. They look so very cute especially the last picture.

  2. I used to love dressing up as pirates when I was small. My dad has had a yacht all my life and when I was about the same age as your children, I always used to get my dad to read me Treasure Island.

    Cute photos.


  3. Awww they look so cute and happy!

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