Dear Asda, No Means NO!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you will recall that I recently wrote about the palaver I was having with Asda Pharmacy, and then I wrote again about how things had not improved at all. The situation we were left with was that my husband had told them not to order any more items for me until we specifically asked them to, and he brought the renewal sheet home with him to make sure, after they ordered me 24 loaves of bread in the space in of 2 weeks. That was a week ago.

asdaSo imagine my surprise when I got a call from Asda Pharmacy shortly before nine yesterday morning, telling me my bread was ready for collection. You know, the bread they weren’t going to order. I really think they might be taking the piss now. They are supposed to order eight loaves of bread every month. They have, in the last three weeks, ordered four months’ worth.

I refused to collect this latest lot. And I refused to collect the pasta, spaghetti and drugs they had ordered too. They seemed surprised that I was a little miffed. They asked when I would like the next lot ordered. I told them not to (again). This time though, I told them to take me off the scheme altogether.

I wait with baited breath for the next phone call to tell me when my bread is ready collection. *roll eyes*

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One comment on “Dear Asda, No Means NO!

  1. Popping over from fb land. Just makes you wonder how they got to be so massive. Is there a black market in bread?

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