100 Happy Days – Day 62

Today we went Geocaching as a family. Our plan was to do the route Bean and I did the other day, and find a couple we missed that time, as well as a couple that have been causing us problems.

stonelaughtertreeWe we out walking for two and a half hours, so the children did really well – Plum, as usual, walked the lot. PK was on my back for most of it, and after a quick break so he could have a walk about, we swapped and he went on to Stonelaughter’s back. I was pleased about that, since our way back took us unexpectedly close to a beck and with my sense of balance, I was more comfortable only having to negotiate the banks for myself!

One of the cache sites that we revisited was the tree that Bean tried to climb last week. After initially saying there was no way he could reach it, Stonelaughter gave it a go and actually made it quite quickly – which made Bean’s day. Only the finding of a trackable – a tag attached to a little toy, which has a mission to travel around caches – beat it. That was our first trackable find, and we are charged with helping it reach Hawaii!

Home for a late lunch and the promise of rhubarb crumble later, with rhubarb from the allotment. 🙂

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2 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 62

  1. Jess Howliston on said:

    WOW looks like lots of fun! Ive never heard of it before but it looks like so much fun something my adventurous little boy would love im sure!

    and mmmmm RHUBARB my fave!


  2. Tree climbing and rhubarb crumble sounds like a magical day 🙂

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