100 Happy Days – Day 60

A much better day today – I had more energy and less pain and was able to make it to the allotment today. I took all three children with me and there was a lot of giggling.

A new addition to the family

A new addition to the family

With the aid of our trusty wheelbarrow, I managed to get three growbags, some plants and a bag of grass cuttings from the car to the plot without hurting myself.

For the first time ever, PK felt comfortable on his feet on the allotment and took his chance to explore – not just our plot, but he went for a walk to see several neighbours too, including our New Best Friend (NBF). Meanwhile, I got some more tomatoes planted, some strawberries in, some weeds pulled out of the greenhouses and plants watered.

Arthur PenCrow

Arthur PenCrow

Our main reason for being there today though was to put in place “Arthur PenCrow”, the scarecrow made by the children.  I don’t know about the crows but he scares the life out of me – every time I turned around, I thought Bean was standing there, since Arthur is wearing an old coat of his. I hope he works!  I have some ideas (thanks to Pinterest) for some other bird scaring items we can make, which will add colour too.

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3 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 60

  1. Arthur PenCrow is looking rather dapper there 🙂

  2. Lol he is scary, hope the birds think so too,thought you were introducing a new member of the family!! Thinks that move and glisten in the breeze work well. make him a foil scarf!!

  3. Haha, cool scarecrow! Better than any I could have made if I’m honest. I wish I had somewhere to grow fruit and veg.

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