100 Happy Days – Day 51

Today brought a surprise package. Well, not quite a surprise, because I knew it was coming, although I didn’t know exactly when and I had no idea what would be in it.

On Ravelry, I’m a member of a Pagan crafters’ group and each Sabbat, they organise a craft swap between members. This is the first time I’ve taken part, and the swap was for the upcoming festival Beltane. I was paired with a crafter in the US who was also taking part for the first time, and she’s been more organised than me – whilst I’ve received the package she sent me, I’m still putting the package for her together. Oops!  I hope she things it’s worth waiting for.

2014-04-23 21.21.44

So, here are the contents of the package she sent me:

A floral headdress – this immediately made me smile. Stonelaughter and I were handfasted at Beltane and I wore a headdress of flowers for the ceremony. Two years later, on a trip to Perthshire at Beltane, we visited a Crannog. After cosying up in front of the fire, wrapped in blankets, listening to stories whilst the rain poured outside, we took part in some crafts. I made a floral headdress, which we dried and kept for many years. We had just found out (two days before) that we were expecting Bean.  This headdress was made for me by my swap partner

Yarn – 50g of Italian cotton yarn in the most delicate sage green – my favourite colour

Chocolate – a bar of dark, coffee infused chocolate with caramel. And it’s gluten free. Combining coffee and chocolate can never be wrong in my book!

Iced coffee – two sachets of Starbucks iced coffee. There’s no such thing as too much coffee!

2014-04-23 21.21.53Dragonfly stitch marker –  with so many crochet projects on the go, I’m always hunting for a stitch marker, so this will definitely come in handy and it is very pretty. In Native American art, the dragonfly symbolises swiftness and pure water. In East ASian art, it symbolises happiness and strength.

This was a fantastically thoughtful and welcome collection of goodies for Beltane. I hope I can reciprocate – I can’t tell you what is going into the package at the moment – not until it has safely arrived with its recipient!

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4 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 51

  1. My Life As A Mummy on said:

    What a beautiful parcel. I love the floral head dress! Such pretty colours! What will you make with the yarn?

    Laura x x x

    • I haven’t decided yet, but it’s so soft that I have a couple of possibilities in mind. I want to do something that will show off the beautiful colour

  2. The dragonfly stitch marker is lovely! I would have eaten that chocolate way before being able to take a pic though! ha! x

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