Easy peasy today.  My parents popped in today to collect Bean, as they are taking him away for a few days. They had a quick lunch and played with Plum and PK before they left with Bean.  I’m already missing Bean and Plum and PK both burst into[…]

You have to look for the good bits where you can find them some days don’t you? Today was one of those days, having spent much of the afternoon in A&E with Plum, again. Thankfully a false alarm this time. The day started off much happier though –[…]

Just about managing to get this done in time today. It’s been an odd day – the children are all full of cold and were very lack lustre, and I’ve been dancing around the edges of a migraine all day. I went to bed for three hours earlier[…]

It’s odd, but I had never really considered home education to be a feminist issue. Apparently it is though. Recently, a friend mentioned their dissatisfaction with the school system and I commented that I was really pleased we’d made the move to home education. Someone else, who I[…]

Today, we went to the local soft play centre, as Plum had been invited to a birthday party there. Plum is my fearless little girl, but she is really quite small for her age (3), so when we saw her ignoring the little slide and climbing all the[…]