I read this list of Ten Reasons Age Three is More Terrible Than Two the other day. It describes my wonderful, loving, quirky, intelligent, loud, wilful, strong, fierce three year old Plum *almost* to a tee. Almost.

I made these this morning. Gluten free cinnamon and raisin rolls with puff pastry. They smell and taste delicious and I’m really happy about it and they were incredibly easy to make too.

Today has been one of those  days. It started being one of those  days when Stonelaughter left the house this morning to go to London for the day. He left over 2 hours later than he usually starts work, but the minute he closed the front door, all three children[…]

You may have read about American medical student Elizabeth Raine (not her real name) who has decided to auction her virginity to the highest bidder. She hopes to raise around $400k, use some to pay her tuition fees and give 35% to a charity funding education for women[…]

This is one of two large boxes of books, puzzles, puppets and games from Barefoot Books* that I delivered to a children’s centre in Derbyshire this afternoon. This makes me very happy indeed. Sixty four brand new books and games and puzzles and puppets off to a new[…]

The other day I popped out to get some bits for our evening meal and took Plum with me.  I decided to treat her to some sweets, and pointed out various options so she could decide what to get – things like Magic Stars, Jelly Snakes, Freddie Frog,[…]