And the customer service award goes to….

subwayWell, not Subway, that’s for sure. We went for lunch today. Whilst we waited for our turn, we saw a sign which invited us to scan the QR code and get a free cookie. So I did.

But that’s not quite how it worked. Once scanned, the QR code took me to a survey to fill out about my visit, which required information from the till receipt I did not yet have. So I made up that information and answered their questions. And then they wanted my email address to send me the coupon for the free cookie. I gave them the email I use as a spam filter and waited.

The boys all had subs and I had a salad. When asked what I would like in my salad box, I replied “everything except tomatoes and jalapeños”. The assistant continued her conversation with her colleague as she filled the box. She paused, tomatoes in hand, to ask me what I’d said again. I repeated “everything except tomatoes and jalapeños”. She laughed, put down the tomatoes, picked up some peppers and continued her chat. About to add olives, she asked “did you say no olives?”.

“No, I said no jalapeños”.

jalepenos“Oh, oops”, she did, removing a mound of jalapeños from my salad. “That’s the third time today I’ve done that”, she told her colleague. I couldn’t help but wonder if that might have been due to the amount of attention she was paying.

We got to the till and the cashier asked us if the kid’s pack was for a boy or a girl. We asked if it made a difference. Apparently, it did. They wanted to know so they could decide which of the Muppets bags they should give us. I told them that it didn’t matter, that the Muppets weren’t gender orientated as far as I was aware. “But there are blue bags and purple bags”, he said, clearly uncomfortable with the idea of giving us the “wrong” bag. Stonelaughter intercepted and told him to give us whichever bag he picked up first, and hurried us away before I said anymore.

By this time, we still hadn’t received the voucher for the free cookie (and at the time of writing, several hours later, it still hasn’t arrived), so we paid and found a seat. Handing out the food, I realised that I hadn’t been given anything to eat my salad with, so off I went again to collect that.  Just as well the food tasted nice, because there wasn’t much else going for Subway today!


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3 comments on “And the customer service award goes to….

  1. We stopped going to our local Subway more or less for the same reason… really poor customer service

  2. I haven’t been to many Subway’s, but it’s a shame that you found their customer service so poor, hopefully you have now received your voucher 🙂

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

    • lol no, I haven’t, but that’s not why I posted it. The food was fine, but I like to point out poor service in the hope that it will encourage a company to buck its ideas up!

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