100 Happy Days – Day 15

2014-03-18 10.05.35You have to look for the good bits where you can find them some days don’t you? Today was one of those days, having spent much of the afternoon in A&E with Plum, again. Thankfully a false alarm this time.

The day started off much happier though – PK snuggled up next to me in bed, Plum came in and asked for milk, climbing on me as she did. And hearing the little two, Bean came in to say hello and climbed in bed too. Before long, all three of them were clambering over me, giggling and blowing raspberries on me (one of PK’s favourite games).

By the time I though to take a photo, Plum was sulking because she didn’t want the dragon to eat the dog, so she’s missing from them. But the boys were still cheery!



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