100 Happy Days – Day 10

2014-03-13 13.14.19A completely different feel to today’s 100 Happy Days.  Today, we went to our “local” butcher, The Holbrook Meat Shop. He’s actually a 20 minute drive away, but it is worth it.  The meat tastes so much better than supermarket offerings. And it’s so much cheaper.  We buy a different deal each time we go. Last time it was 5kg of chicken breasts for £20.

This time, because they have a special promotion on to celebrate 5000 followers on Facebook, we bought a whole pork loin. This is not the first time we have done it – we bought one before Christmas, and recently finished the last of it. It was a great price then. It was even better this time – £2.97 a kilo!  We got a whole (big) loin for around £14 and it goes a long way – it will make 8-9 meals for our family of 5. And I’m happy about that!

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3 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 10

  1. It’s amazing how buying in bulk can save so much money. What are you going to cook with it?

    • I’ve cut it up so there are a couple of pieces large enough to have as a roast, and the rest will be used in various dishes – chinese pork and slow cooked pork in cider are two of the family favourites

  2. That is a great bargain Mahala! Well done! I always buy mine in reduced aisle, well not always but most of the time. But it obviously has to still look good. And then straight in portions into the freezer.

    Anyway I also would like to say I really enjoy reading your blog on ongoing basis since I subscribed. Sometimes I feel like I want to reply , but I phone keeps quitting the app, so I have to leave it for another time instead of doing it straight away during bed time blog reading. Keep it going. Good luck. xx

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