Plum is still very taken with my lack of hair. She has asked if we can shave all her hair off too. We said no.  But it got me thinking – at what age are children old enough to make decisions for themselves about their appearance?

I wasn’t sure whether I should post this recipe, but decided to go ahead for several reasons. Although I suspect most people reading this will already have their own recipe, there may be some people who have been used to using a pre-prepared sauce who now find they[…]

Hot off the back of making Harry Potter robes for Bean for Christmas, Stonelaughter decided that he would like to make a wand for Bean too. Until now he has been using a lovely piece of branch with a willow God’s eye woven on to it. It was[…]

New year is often a time when people make changes in their life – new year, new start and all that. Yesterday, I did just that, doing something I had been seriously considering for many months, and had been on my mind for more years than I can[…]

I love eating risotto and it’s so easy to make. This is my favourite variety, because it always remind me of an Autumn forest. It’s my son’s favourite too because, according to him, it’s so mushroomy. This recipe serves four and calls for half a kilo (!) of[…]

Recently, Bean has been reading the Harry Potter books. He loves them, and has become obsessed with all things Harry. He mentioned that he would like some robes like Harry’s and so I set about finding a pattern to make them. It was hard work – there are[…]