My son is 8 today and he is obsessed with Harry Potter. Obsessed. And so I’ve made him this birthday cake as a surprise. It’s a two tiered gluten free lemon drizzle cake filled with lemon flavoured cream. The decoration is made from gluten free fondant icing that[…]

I’m not big on fish, and haven’t enjoyed eating it all but realising that this limits not only my diet, but that of my children, who do like it, I decided to try some recipes and be brave. This was the first one, and it went down a[…]

Recently, I read this article about one mother’s self-imposed challenge not to spend any money on children’s products for a whole year. I found it very interesting, and was impressed with some of the solutions she found to make it through the year and still clothe, feed and[…]

It’s been two weeks since I shaved my hair off. Two weeks already. Time flies and such. So, here’s a quick update. I have got used to having no hair, and forget about it most of the time. When I first left the house, I grabbed a hat[…]

  Mummy, if you were funnier, you could be a comedian.   Well, thank you for that Bean. Much appreciated.

Yesterday, Bean and Plum made gingerbread men. They did a great job. I got to make one too, and decorate it. It’s cold out, so I gave him some nice, warm, sturdy boots, some warm mittens and a woollen hat. I left him with the tray of men[…]