Get Your Craft On: Harry Potter Wand

Hot off the back of making Harry Potter robes for Bean for Christmas, Stonelaughter decided that he would like to make a wand for Bean too. Until now he has been using a lovely piece of branch with a willow God’s eye woven on to it. It was great, but it wasn’t a wand, not in the Harry Potter sense.


And so it was that one day earlier this week, Stonelaughter took himself off to his flute workshop. We didn’t see him again for several hours when he came in and presented a finished wand to Bean, who had no idea this was in the works. He was delighted, in the way only a nearly eight year old obsessed with all things Harry P could be. Seeing his joy was fantastic.

And, because this was a Harry Potter wand, Bean needed to know the details, the ones he would have had he got his wand from Ollivander’s. And Stonelaughter had them ready: Beech, 16¾” with a core of unicorn tears and the love of a good Father.

So there you have it.  I think it’s wonderful.

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2 comments on “Get Your Craft On: Harry Potter Wand

  1. How lovely! My son would love this!
    Maybe a new product line 😉

  2. WOW! Just wow! This is fantastic! I can imagine any HP fan loving this!

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