Plum, stuffing toys down her tshirt: Look Mummy, I’ve got boobs in. Look at my boobs. They are beautiful. I’m a Mummy too and my baby wants some milk from my boobs. Plum stands up: Oh no! My boobs fell out!  

It’s true. I never thought it would happen to me, but it has. I’ve fallen in love. With a domestic appliance. Yes, you read that correctly. I have fallen in love with a domestic appliance. A steam cleaner to be exact. We’ve been thinking about getting one  for[…]

“Plum, get your finger out of your nose”   I’m just finding me a Loony Tunes!  

He asked for a chess board cake (though he doesn’t like chess!). Instead, I made him this   and this was his reaction    PS Could you help us out with a home ed project by sending a postcard?

PK is 13 months old. His personality is an interesting mix between Bean’s laid back attitude and Plum’s feistiness.  He has reached a phase where he is developing fast, and he is very pleased with his new abilities.