Many of you have been following the story of what happened to me at my son’s Harvest Festival in October this year and the subsequent letters to and from school. Today marks the final instalment in the saga. Following on from the Chair of Governors’ response to my complaint,[…]

Bean couldn’t quite believe the elaborate carvings on this one.  

So, we are in our third week of home education, and we are still alive. And we still have our sanity (well, what we had of it when we started anyway). The first week was a struggle. Keen to take the advice we were given, and give Bean[…]

… a vertigo sufferer and a teacup ride? I found out the answer to this little puzzle on Saturday, when we took advantage of our inclusive tickets and explored the rest of the Twin Lakes park. How bad can a ride be, especially when my little, dinky Plum[…]