I love chocolate, did you know that? I love good chocolate especially muchly. A couple of years ago, I was invited to review a chocolate Christmas wreath from Hotel Chocolat, a task which my family were more than willing to help with. It was lovely. This year, we were[…]

Dear PK re: 4am bedtimes My dear little man, I really appreciate your efforts to make our late nights more like my late nights of old. I think perhaps I should have been more specific though. Being vomited on at 2am was never something I enjoyed. Apparently this[…]

Dear PK, once upon a time, Mama was quite used to staying up til 4am. It was fun. But I was younger then, with far fewer responsibilities. It generally involved (lots of) alcohol, loud music and dancing. Your way of doing 4am becomes is not nearly as much[…]

  We loved the picture on this card and were intrigued to notice that the stamp had the same picture as the front of the card and was, in fact, printed on the card rather than stuck on. Bean enjoyed trying to work out what the Chinese characters[…]

Bean has become obsessed with Harry Potter recently. He’s devouring the books, loving watching the films each Saturday afternoon. And several times a week, he calls himself Harry and pretends he’s at Hogwarts. He likes to get Plum involved in these games too, and tells her she is[…]