Honouring my Ancestors

A little early, but this week’s Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to my much-missed grandparents in honour of Samhain.

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9 comments on “Honouring my Ancestors

  1. Very nice. Thanks for stopping by Tots and Me. Happy Wordless Wednesday

  2. Cool photos. It’s always fun to look at old family pictures.

  3. Wonderful Tribute..love the old photos.

  4. Such a great to share digital versions of old photos. A great way to preserve virtually forever!

  5. Love old photos! 🙂 Danica

  6. These are great. I did some work at the Local Studies Library digitsing some of the old photos from around our district and it was my wonderful. I really love the old photos.

  7. beautiful pictures. I love looking at old pictures. It’s interesting to look at the subject and wonder/imagine what life might have been like for them when the picture was taken. How different was their world? Was it really that different. Lovely tribute.