Test Driving a Tank (Top)

I was pondering things the other day and realised that for the last three years I have been pregnant or breastfeeding or both. I’m currently breastfeeding both my two year old daughter and four month old son. I’m coming up to five years of breastfeeding altogether when I count the almost two and a half years I breastfed my eldest son.

All in all, that makes for a lot of time wearing nursing bras. I’ve bought and used lots of them, of various designs and brands, but I always end up coming back to the same brand, the others relegated to the back of the drawer for being too uncomfortable, too fiddly, not quite right.

Bravado Nursing Tank Top

The Bravado tank top is useful in pregnancy, as well as for nursing.

So when the company who makes my favourite nursing bras contacted me to ask if I would like to try their nursing tank top, I jumped at the chance. I had to try not to sound too  desperate.

The Essential Nursing Bra Tank Top from Bravado comes in black, white, chocolate brown and a range of seasonal colours. The one I was sent was in seasonal Dark Plum. I don’t know where to start with this review – I’ve rewritten it several times in an attempt not to sound too gushing.

Well, let’s start with the basics. Size. I’m often restricted in my choice of nursing bras because not only do I have big boobs at the best of times, I’m also what is bizarrely referred to as “plus size” in the clothes department. So many brands do not cater for me. The Bravado Tank Top is available in sizes from 32-44 and cup sizes B-G – so it fits! It’s also long. Being on the larger side, tops which end at the top of my hips do me no favours at all, but this tank top (can we call it a vest?) is long and comfortably comes below my hips. And it’s comfy. It’s soft. It has a built in bra and the material is very soft against the skin. It washes well too. Did I mention it is slimming too? Seriously – because it is not short like other vests tank tops, and the fabric is good quality, it has a slimming effect. All help gratefully received.

integrated bra

integrated bra

The integrated bra is generous and comfortable. It is supportive, even for me! It has Bravado’s b-clip strap fastening for “one-handed access”. Now, how many times have we heard that? Most nursing bras I’ve bought have suggested that their clips can be operated one handed. I’ve not often found this to be the case in reality. Maybe I’m just not very co-ordinated, but I’ve always had difficulty. I can do this one though. It is genuinely a one-handed fastening clip. Hurrah!

The Essential Nursing Bra Tank Top is not cheap; it’s available on the Bravado website at £35.90 but I genuinely think it is worth it. With a full nursing bra which does the job equally as well as their individual bras and a good quality vest, mine is fast becoming an essential item in my wardrobe. So much so, that I will be spending my own money to get another one.

Oh, and my two year old also reviewed it. Her thoughts ran thus: “Is that your vest Mummy? You look beautiful. It’s very purple.”

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