When I was 16, I went to my first concert. I saved up my money, bought my ticket and went with a friend.  I loved it. A few months later, I asked permission to go to another concert, this time for my favourite band. I had saved my[…]

I have three children. When I look at pictures of them all at the same age (first three months – since that is as far as the third has got so far), they look identical. But that’s about where the similarity ends. Their journeys through the first three[…]

When I look back at being a first time Mum, and a second time Mum, I think that I was probably, quite relaxed about things. Not about everything, and not to say that I didn’t worry constantly about this life that I had responsibility for, but there were[…]

Having interviewed my son for the latest in his series of yearly interviews, I decided to try my luck with my two year old daughter. I had to change some of the questions of course, but here are the results What is your name?  Cacha Cacha, what is[…]

  My “wedding” day in 2003. Actually, this was our handfasting and it was a beautiful day. We weren’t legally married until a year later and there are no photos of that, since it wasn’t all that important to us.