Rape: The New Joke – 18 months on

Around 18 months, I wrote this post about a number of t-shirts which glorified rape and were available for sale in the UK.  I was absolutely appalled and so were lots of other people. And quite rightly.

I said it then and I’ll say it again now. Rape is not a suitable topic for a joke, no matter what your sense of humour.  It is a violent crime which strips people of their power, confidence and sometimes, their lives.  There is never a justification for it. Ever. And nor is there a justification for selling clothing which glorifies it or turns it into a joke.

And here we are again. March 2013 and it’s happening again.  Amazon.co.uk are allowing a company called Solid Gold Bomb to sell t-shirts on their site which glorify rape.  Specifically, with the following slogans:

  • sgbKeep Calm and Rape Off
  • Keep Calm and Rape Them
  • Keep Calm and Rape It
  • Keep Calm and Rape A Lot
  • Keep Calm and Rape Us
  • Keep Calm and Rape Me
  • Keep Calm and Rape In
  • Keep Calm and Rape On

I am speechless. I still don’t understand what must be going on in someone’s head for them to go here for product ideas. Why would you think is OK?  I am angry that these exist, but I am especially angry about one of them. They all suggest that rape is OK, even a stress reliever.  But one of them goes so far as to strip the victim of their humanity as well. “Keep Calm and Rape It” – doesn’t that sum up the contempt this company shows for rape victims, for humanity?

Should you wish to contact Solid Gold Bomb, you can do so on Twitter and Facebook very easily. Their defence is that the t-shirts were computer generated and they had no idea that they existed, despite the fact that they were listed on Amazon. They go on to say that they have since deleted the t-shirts. But that’s not true. As I write this post, they are still available on Amazon for sale. It takes approx 30 seconds to remove a product from sale on Amazon, so there really is no excuse for them still being there.  Of course, there was no excuse for them being there in the first place.  What kind of idiot allows computer generated slogans on their products without checking them (if we believe their defence).

I’m appalled. Again.

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