And here comes the hard bit. I have no idea what I want in a kitchen, except that I basically want a Magnet advert in my house. I want to hand someone a rolling pin and a cast iron crock pot and say “design my perfect kitchen”. And I want it to be light. But not white. And I want those magicky things that transform a cupboard into a tardis.

How to be a good Mum?  It’s a question all mums ask themselves – we all want to do our best for our children, be the best Mum we can be, but what does that actually mean? I didn’t see the programme on the TV the other night,[…]

On Sunday we visited one set of in-laws for a post-Christmas-and-New-Year catch-up.  While we were there, my father-in-law offered us this chest.  It’s not really in the spirit of my de-cluttering challenge, to bring something else into the house, but I love boxes and chests so I jumped[…]

A little while ago I wrote a post about  t shirts which had been cropping up for sale online which seemed to suggest rape was something to be laughed about.  These t shirts, unsurprisingly, were met with a storm of protest and were withdrawn from sale. Yesterday I[…]

Last year (!) I posted about how I had decided to make presents for the adults in our family this year, as our budget was more stretched than we had been used to since I gave up my teaching salary.  In fact, I rather enjoyed it, leaving aside[…]