It’s called “How Do You Check Yours?”

The idea is that you post one of a series of “cheeky” updates, followed by the phrase “How do you check yours?” and a link to this page, which contains links to videos of how and when to check breasts and testicles, what symptoms to look for, where to go for support and how you can donate to a cancer charity.

Are you with me?

Well, I’m sure we could all write a book about this one.  Together we could create an encyclopaedia to rival Britannica.  With that in mind, I shall narrow the topic, every so slightly. I recently read this article about 6 Things Husbands of WAHMs Don’t Know and found[…]

Tomorrow it is Bean’s birthday. He’ll be six.  It does not seem six years since I became a mother. The time has gone so fast.  And I have loved every minute of it.  Bean is clever, cheeky, bright, funny, random, kind, odd, mischievous and very loving.  Did I[…]

OK, it’s late at night, everyone is bed, and I’m working.  The TV is on and I’m half watching Wife Swap USA.  Don’t judge me.  I like to have something on in the background that doesn’t require my brain to engage.  This definitely fits the bill. Except that[…]

I hate to think what my neighbours thought of me (both sets of neighbours looked out of the upstairs windows whilst I was mid Bertha session!), but I had on several layers of my old work clothes, including thick socks and woolly gloves, my thick leather work gloves, dust mask and safety goggles. I kid you not. I learned the hard way that plaster dust in the eye when you wear contact lenses is not a fun way to pass the time. I won’t trouble you with a photo of me in this gear – I’m sure the mental image is vivid enough for most people. Now imagine me in that gear, post marathon Betha session, white from head to toe, except for my hair which turns a nice shade of old lady grey.

Yesterday, on Facebook, I saw an event posted which got me thinking.  It’s called the Post-It Note Challenge and it seems to be very simple. This idea is that you write some inspiring words on a post-it note (other self adhesive note products are available) and then post[…]