What Do You Get When You Cross A …

minor car park mishap, laryngitis and a sniffly baby?

A quiet day at home, that’s what. After getting home from the conference yesterday we went out for dinner. Afterwards in the car park, some shifting about was needed in order to get Plum in the car, since the car next to us was so close.

After some moving forwards and backwards, a bit of a wait and a bit of miscommunication, Stonelaughter pulled the car forward just as I started to open Plum’s door, with the result that the right side of my body got yanked a bit. By the time we made it home (5mins), the pain in my fingers had spread and I was getting stiff from neck to lower back. I’ve take. Things easy today because I’m still stiff and still in pain. I’m typing this in my iPhone and my right arm is hurting from the effort!

Mums the WordI woke up with no voice again too. It’s beginning to irritate me – this is the fourth episode of no voice this year and it lasts a couple of days at a time at least.

And Plum is full of cold, bless her. She’s in good spirits considering she can barely breathe!

The Secret
So, all this has meant an overdose of cbeebies and me unearthing my kindle and making a start on some books I bought as a result of the conference. I know I’m late to the party, but I bought The Secret this morning and I also bought Mums the Word by Gail Reynolds. I’ll be creating a dream board with my new fitted kitchen and Belfast sink on it later.

2012 will be my year!

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2 comments on “What Do You Get When You Cross A …

  1. Ouch! I sure hope you feel better soon and that your voice comes back as well!

  2. Oh boy… sure doesn’t sound like any fun. Hope you get some rest and feel better. Don’t forget… heat and ice, heat and ice… 20 min on/off!!! 🙂

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