The Day After the Night Before

So it’s Sunday, the day after Party plan Conference and Awards.

After a ridiculously early start yesterday and a long drive, Stonelaughter and the kids spent the day exploring Bournemouth whilst I went to the conference. Whilst I was attending talks on social media and getting more sales, as well as a really inspiring talk by Gail Reynolds, my family was on the beach, variously playing a flute (Stonelaughter), lying on their back whilst the waves washed over them (Plum) and laughing at their poor wave-washed sister (Bean).

The awards, of course, were in the evening, and I got quite nervous as they got underway. That increased tenfold once I realised winners were expected to make a speech. However, I needn’t have worried since I didn’t win either of my categories. I smiled and clapped and told myself to proud of reaching the final three. (And I am!)

We’re almost home again now, having stopped off at the Barefoot Books Studio in Oxford. Since it’s on our way home, it would have been churlish not to. I love the studio; it’s so much more than a bookshop and as I looked at all the children who were there, reading, playing, taking part in the free craft activities, I was reminded of why I do this, of why I am a Barefoot Ambassador. It’s not for the awards.

Just as well really 😉

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3 comments on “The Day After the Night Before

  1. You did so well to get to the final 3 I really wouldn’t beat yourself up – you have probably seen my amazing awards image – – but sshh don’t tell anyone but I only actually ‘won’ 3 of them and 2 were a something 100 so I share that title with 99 others 🙂
    It’s not always about the winning its what you do with the PR & marketing 🙂

    • Thanks Joanne. I am proud to have got that far – further than I thought I would. But you know how it is … once you get so far, you’re always going to be a little disappointed not to make it to the next level, even when you’ve already done better than you imagined. Still, I’m pondering YouTube ideas now 😉 Perhaps crafty makes linked to the books?

  2. Started out thinking this was a political post (Party) but clearly it is not. Sounds like you were able to blend business, pleasure AND juggle your family. That in itself deserves an award 🙂

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