Bournemouth Baby!

So, it’s conference day. I’m here in Bournemouth after a fairly easy four hour drive and I’m at the conference, right now. We decided it would be easier on Plum if we all came to Bournemouth – she still wakes for feeds in the night and she refuses to have expressed milk. I’ve never spent a night away from her – in fact, today I’m likely to be away from her for longer than I have since she was born. So Plum and Bean are in Bournemouth too and Stonelaughter has the job of entertaining them whilst I’m in the conference and also this evening, when I’m at the awards ceremony.

I’ve been looking forward to today – not just for the awards this evening, which I’m actually quite nervous about now – but because there are some great looking seminars on the agenda today and I’m hoping to pick up some great tips to further build my business.

Keep your fingers crossed for me for the awards tonight – I’ll let you know how I get on!

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2 comments on “Bournemouth Baby!

  1. Good luck. By now the awards are probably happening… 5 hours behind here!!! Hope all went well and you guys had a wonderful time!!! 🙂

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