WANTED: Creative Parents!

Are you creative?  Would you like to work for yourself, or add another string to your bow if you’re already self-employed?

Sample 2D Frame

Precious Memories are looking for creative parents who would like to open a studio in their area.  We have enquiries coming in from all over the UK and cannot currently meet demand.  We are looking for 2D and 3D artists and jewellery agents.  So, what’s involved?

You can choose whether to you’d like to offer 2D products or 3D products, or indeed, both.  All of our studio owners also act as sales agents for our jewellery.  Or, you can choose to join us as an agent without opening a studio.

Sample 3D Frame

2D studios offer our bespoke, framed 2D hand and foot (and paw) impression tiles.  3D studios offer 3D hand and foot (and paw) casts, both framed and freestanding.  All studios can also opt to offer pregnancy bump casting.  In exchange for a very low joining fee, you are given full training, ongoing support and all your equipment, and are supplied with the materials needed to fulfil orders on an ongoing basis.  Marketing materials and a web presence are also included.  2D and 3D studios also receive an exclusive territory.

What you will need:

To run one of our studios, you don’t need to hire premises!  You will need somewhere secure to store your equipment and materials (a shed, garage, or space in your house), and you will need somewhere you can work.  Some of our artists have a dedicated room in their house, others use their kitchen. Some have studio space in their garden.  You will need access to outside space, for sanding and particularly for spraying.  If you offer 3D, this is especially important.  You will need to have (or have access to) a car, a computer and printer and a telephone.

Precious Memories footprint charm

If you choose to join us a jewellery agent, in exchange for your joining fee, you will receive full training and support, samples, materials, marketing materials and web presence.

If you are interested in joining us and would like further information, contact me to find out if this is the right opportunity for you.

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