I’m up for a Challenge. Again.

Well, I tried my hand at Post for a Day in 2011 and managed to keep it up for about 4 months, but not the full 12.

I joined NaBloPoMo in November and succeeded. Yeay me!

And here we are again – can I post every day in January? We’ll see. I started this month thinking that after all the bustle of Christmas, January would be quiet. Before we even got to Christmas I had enquiries for January. And during the little time I’ve had to think while I closed up for Christmas and New Year holidays, I’ve been running through ideas in my head, things I need to do, want to do – so January is already looking busy.

With that in mind, I enter the Ultimate Blog Challenge for January hoping to post each day, knowing that my various plans will give me plenty to post about, if not the actual time to do the posting! Wish me luck 🙂

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One comment on “I’m up for a Challenge. Again.

  1. Happy New Year !
    Good luck with the Challenge.
    I’m taking part as well 🙂
    Fingers crossed – it all goes to plan !

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