I’ve just sat down with my hot chocolate (yes, I am 93) and realised I haven’t blogged today. Oops. It’s a busy day really. After a bit of an unintended lie-in, a mad dash to get the kids up and dressed so SL could take them to park[…]

So, Bean’s year 1 parents’ evening was earlier this week. When I was a teacher, if the student was present with their parents, I would always ask them what they thought I was going to say about them, especially if they were a bit lazy, or poorly behaved. 

I’ve been meaning to post this for the last week, but just never seemed to get round to it.  So, at last, here we are.  A daily prize draw (you only need to enter once to be entered every day), to win a copy of the brand new[…]

Or “The Great Shoe Hunt”. Sometimes, it pays to know people who know about stuff. When it comes to finding gorgeous shows for a little girl with tiny feet, this is definitely the case. I would normally never consider buying shoes on the internet for my children; I[…]