A Step Too Far

Ooh, I’m just going to make it today – by which I mean I will just about get today’s post published by midnight and so manage to continue my NaBloPoMo efforts until the last day.

I’ve been ill for the last few days, as you may know.  I was feeling much, much better today and so spent this morning in the studio casting, painting, catching up on admin and such.  Then this afternoon, I was off to Sherwood Forest on a hunt for information, which I have yet to find although I have got the next clue in the hunt.  Straight off to get Bean from school, during which time I got caught in the most almighty rainfall, after which I felt cold, tired and damp for several hours.

This evening, I’ve been back in the studio, making up some sample frames for some local boutiques who have requested frames to display, as well as casting some more tiles for clients.

I’m feeling quite poorly again now, so I suspect I may have overdone it.  Still, I’m on enforced house arrest tomorrow, waiting in for a courier to collect a frame I need to send to a client.

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