It’s Just Another Manic Monday

Monday is the day I don’t work in the studio, but far from a day of rest, it’s always a little manic. Today was no exception. Except maybe it was a bit more manic than usual.

School run, then off to Breast Friends Group, where I am a peer supporter. It’s usually an informal, casual affair, with kids playing and mums chatting. Today however, there was a video camera. And I was expected to talk to it. In fact, all the staff and volunteers were interviewed on camera about the work we do. It was scary and nerve-wracking and important. It’s going to be edited to be shown next month to healthworkers and children centres, at the launch of some breastfeeding support guidelines. It’s kind of a big deal, since some bosses will be seeing it. I’m a bit hazy on the details at the moment, so forgive me if I sound a little umm, hazy on the detail.

Anyway, having paused to put some makeup on before I went in, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined. Of course, I haven’t seen it. It might have been dreadful.

Home from group and the oven when straight on – I had a small window to bake cookies and feed Plum before heading out again. Tomorrow is a multiagency day about breastfeeding support and I was asked to make some biscuits for one part of the presentation. I got a couple of batches in the oven before it was time to dash off to the PTA meeting at school.

We haven’t been an official PTA until now, although we’ve operated in much the same way. We’ve now become official, so we had to hold an AGM and elect officials. We already had people who have been doing the roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, albeit unofficially and everyone agreed these roles should be formalised, so voting them in was quick and easy. We had also decided that we should elect a Vice-Chair and two “named” committee members. To my utmost surprise, I was nominated, seconded and elected as Vice-Chair. Wow. I hadn’t expected that!

Back home to finish the biscuits (and pack them up ready for tomorrow before I ate them all), call my Mum and feed the kids.

Now, what shall I have to eat?

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3 comments on “It’s Just Another Manic Monday

  1. Very busy day! and you find time for NaBloPoMo – well done you for fitting baking in too – I would have brought biscuits!

  2. Blimey! Well done you!

  3. D’you know, I don’t know how any of us are finding time for NaBloPoMo – we all must be totally awesome.

    We’ve just resurected our PTA from the ashes – what a political minefield!!! 😉

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