The casts I make look fab. Such tiny hands and feet.

Few people would guess how much work goes into them though, which is partly why I would always advise against DIY kits (but that post is for another day). To get the stunning casts you can see all over our website, we use some pretty hardcore tools. Not to make the casts themselves of course – that’s down to pink goo and nature, but to prepare them for framing takes some work, let me tell you.

Which why this morning, with husband off showcasing his flutes at Newstead Abbey, Bean catching up on Ben 10 and Plum having a looooong lie in, I jumped at the chance of getting some work done. I had lots of hands and feet which had finally dried out and needed preparing. Out came my belt sander.

It bit me!

I’m pleased to say that I successfully prepared eight feet and two hands, but on the third hand, the sander fought back. It whipped the cast out of my grip, threw it across the garden (where it had a soft landing, and survived intact – phew!) and tried sanding my fingers. It managed a small bit on the pad of one finger – a tiny injury, in comparison to what could have happened, but oh-my-goodness does it hurt! And it bled quite nicely too, although not over anything important, I’m pleased to say.

Must be time for a cuppa!

And to answer the inevitable question that I know will come from my husband when he reads this – yes I’m fine! Although a little annoyed that I’ll have to get the sander out again to finish the hand I was doing at the time.

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  1. Owww – glad you and all the casts survived intact.

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