So, a couple of weeks ago I lauched a competition to win a Barefoot Artist’s print, taken from the fabulous book The Genius of Leonardo.  I was offering three copies of the beautiful print “A Person’s Life is Just a Moment in Infinity” and I’m pleased to day[…]

Part of me wondered what I would do with myself when I gave up teaching. Of course, I’d taken on a franchise, so to some extent I already knew what I would be doing, but I wondered if that would fill my days or would I be bored?

GRAEME SWANN, NOTTINGHAM AND ENGLAND BOWLER, HAS HAD A 3D CAST TAKEN OF HIS BOWLING HAND FOR CHARITY. Karen Horner, from Precious Memories, has created a 3D cast of Graeme Swann’s bowling hand, holding a cricket ball, which will be auctioned off for charity later this month. Graeme[…]