A Postcard from the Edge

Months and months ago, I saw some links from Facebook to a website called Postcrossing. It’s a site where members send postcards to each other. You register for free and then ask for up to 5 addresses to send a postcard to. Once a postcard arrives and is registered on the site, you can ask for another address. Each time one of the cards you’ve sent is registered by its recipient, you become eligible to have a card sent to you. Members are all over the world and I thought this sounded like a nice way to build up a collection of cards for my children.

Recently, we have sent our first cards and we have now sent cards to the UK, USA, Finland, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Brazil and Russia.

Today, we received our first card and I decided to start a new series of blog posts about showcasing the cards we receive. Stand by …

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One comment on “A Postcard from the Edge

  1. That sounds fun and probably a nice little educational thing to do with kids, as well! Thanks for sharing.

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