Today I Met … Part 2

some pretty inspirational people, as it happens. Hearing other women’s stories, and what spurred them into action, what they have achieved, the journey they have taken is quite a special thing.

I know there’s a lot of debate around the term “mumpreneur” and I have to be honest and say it’s not a term I favour, but I do see the point behind it about women succeeding in business and motherhood.  And whether or not that excludes men is for another debate, because there is something special about women being able to get together and share their stories – it spurrs us all on and empowers us too.

But before this turns into a therapy session, I just wanted to say that despite my pre-lunch grumbly post (I was hungry, and we’d run out of sweets!), I did enjoy the Mumpreneur Conference today.  I enjoyed being able to chat to people I did not know, had not tweeted with and find out their story and to hear about their success.

I enjoyed spending the day with two colleagues and being able to bounce ideas between us.

I enjoyed the very large amount of laughing we did (and I’m sorry, Claire, that this caused you to choke on a jelly baby).

I enjoyed having some time to be me, to focus on the business and leave the kids at home with Daddy, safe in the knowledge that I would come home to find them all safe, fed, happy and that I would get lots of cuddles before bedtime.

So, thanks.

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