A Plague Upon …

your garden.

Has anyone else noticed the large amounts of ladybirds around recently?  When we went to the park yesterday, there were more around than I’m used to seeing, but I didn’t think anything of it really.

But when we went home we sat on the back garden.  Our garden isn’t big really, but there were loads of ladybirds.  In one quick glance over the area I was sitting in I counted over half a dozen and by the time we went back in the house (because it looked like rain), they were starting to become irritating – a few flying around, we were constantly knocking them off our arms and at one point there were a couple crawling on Plum and another on her head.

I know there were swarms of them in Norfolk a couple of years ago, but I don’t know why. Are we in for swams of Biblical proportions this Summer and if so, why?   Does anyone have any answers?  Bean decided yesterday that ladybirds are my favourite bug – I’m not entirely sure I have a favourite, but I suppose if had to have, then ladybirds are as good a choice as anything else.  Favourite or not though, I’m not fond of being covered in them 🙁

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  1. Wendy on said:

    Its because we have an over abundance of greenfly this year, Nic. Ladybirds eat greenfly, so as food is plentiful, they are flourishing.

    I can remember one year when I was young – about 9yrs old I think – and we went swimming at new Brighton outdoor swimming baths, which have white washed walls – but not that day. That day they were white and RED – with swarms of ladybirds!! And every yellow car in the car park was red too. Seems ladybirds are attracted to yellow 🙂

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