Wordless Wednesday: Boy to Man

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24 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Boy to Man

  1. That’s too young for the army!

  2. thats perfect for sepia too 🙂

  3. What a handsome young man that is too.

  4. I love old photos….Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Awe – I love old photos!

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  6. a handsome…and very young…young man.

  7. Handsome guy! Great title 🙂

  8. NYC SingleMom on said:


  9. What a great photo! 🙂
    Hope you’ll join me for my first WW linky over at Create With Joy!


  10. I think I need to start digging out some of the old pics we have and start preserving them better. Nice pic!

  11. Savvy on said:

    Wow, he was really young in that photo. Did he change his documentation so he could join up?

  12. it kind of makes me sad to think that they were so young when they were enlisted. Beautiful photo.

  13. I LOVE this photo! Reminds me of several we have of my granddad in uniform.

  14. It makes me sad how young he looked. I bet every mother agrees when she sends her child off to war though. Great picture!

  15. I agree. He is too young for the army!

  16. Joules on said:

    I love the quality and personality of the photo. It’s beautiful, but makes me so sad that someone so young had to be put in a life threatening situation.

  17. I love old, nostalgic photos!

  18. That’s a really young looking chap.. love the classic photo.

  19. Love old photographs . . . thanks for sharing!

  20. I love old photos like this, I often look through my parents old photos 🙂

    Have a great WW!

  21. Handsome : )

  22. Love old photo’s!

  23. Old photos are sometimes the best photos. Thanks for sharing. Happy Wordless Wed. Please stop by and see mine 🙂

  24. Love it! Reminds me of my Granddad’s photo. I still have his Purple Heart!

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