TFI Friday 17 June

Busy, busy today – running around sorting out a few last minute things before driving mysef and Plum to Oxford for the Barefoot Book annual UK conference which begins today.

1. I’m really looking forward to the conference.  Tonight is time for a chat with other ambassadors, over dinner and drinks.  Tomorrow is a day full of talks and workshops (and food!) and tomorrow night is an evening of punting and dinner, for which Stonelaughter and Bean will be joining us.  Last year’s conference was really good, and fired me up to push my business forward.  And I won fudge.  I’m hoping for similar fire this year. Fudge would be good too!

2. I’ve generally had a much more positive week this week.  Last week was stressful, as I explained, but this week things have settled down again and I feel more on a level.  This is a GOOD THING.

3.  In the coming week, I have both a baby fair to attend, where I hope I’ll be able to do some casting, or book somke appointments for the coming weeks.  Earlier in the week, I have a casting booked for a 4 week old baby. So tiny!  It will be such a cute little cast 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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