Ooh, it’s been a struggle this week. Both children and hubby have had stomach bug, so my first point today is an easy one: 1. I’m very grateful that the stomach bug fairy appears to have left this house for the time being and that we’re back to[…]

I received a press release this morning about birthday parties. It talked about the changing trends of birthday parties and suggested that at the very least, children expect something along the lines of being in the audience for a TV recording. Really? It cited Rebecca Black, made famous[…]

Kids are both feeling poorly Husband feels ill too Think I am going insane   A bit of a cheat-post today – son off school with stomach bug, daughter suffering from the same, husband seems to have a stomach bug/fluey type thing.  I’m exhausted and have an ongoing[…]

I love to see a garden full of butterflies, bees buzzing busily around flowers; it seems to complete the picture of the English country garden.  Many flowering plants and crops depend on insect pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths and hoverflies. Honeybees alone pollinate a third of the[…]

Nice trouble, but trouble all the same. My daughter has discovered several things recently.  She has discovered she can roll over by design instead of just by accident.  She has discovered the balance necessary not just to sit up unaided, but to do so whilst bouncing around to[…]