I’ve just got back from casting a pregnancy bump and decided I would blog about it today. When I say I just got back, I mean I’m still covered in plaster, but decided to take the opportunity to blog whilst my daughter is sleeping. I haven’t had so[…]

I’ve been a busy bee today and it feels good. Back in February, I decided I needed some proper space for my crafting – using my computer desk just wasn’t working. Thanks to Freecycle, I got an enormous desk ideal for my craft work which has gone into[…]

Ahhh, dreams; the stuff that, err, dreams are made of. When I was younger, in my late teens and early twenties, I had a lot of properly odd dreams. Every night I’d have a dream that not only made no sense whatsoever but was really just weird. Thankfully,[…]

So, last month I posted about Coeliac Awareness Week and asked if you would take part. Well, it starts tomorrow, so this is a gentle reminder (nudge, push, shove) that it’s easy to take part and help raise awareness of Coeliac Disease, and help make life easier for[…]

Ahh, the delights of having a five year old. We’ve had it quite easy, if I’m honest, as far as behaviour goes. Bean has always been pretty easy to handle, but over the last 6 months or so he’s been finding his independent streak, and the battles are[…]