I’m in Heaven …

Cupcake Heaven …

Today was the day of my cupcake decorating workshop, and I had a thoroughly enjoyable three hours surrounded by buttercream, fondant and glitter.  The idea was to learn the technique for perfect buttercream icing as well learning how to make fondant decorations for the top.

I had hoped to learn the secret, perfect consistency for buttercream, but unfortunately, the woman running the workshop buys in all her buttcream, fondant and even her cupcakes.  However, I did learn how to get that fabulous cone of height, even if I haven’t perfected it yet.  I was also pleased with my efforts at fondant decorations – well, some of them anyway.  I found the shoe hard work, and the bow too, if I’m honest.  If I were to sell gourmet cupcakes, I don’t think I would offer either of these two designs though.  I found that working with fondant requires the same techniques as working with clay, so felt very comfortable with it from the start.  I enjoyed having the freedom to play around, and had a good laugh at some of our failures with the people around me.

I was disappointed about some of the bits being bought in.  As the workshop was being run by a cake and cupcake decorating business, I had expected that they would make their own cupcakes, but they said they didn’t have time to bake them.  I don’t know if it’s usual for gourmet cupcakes to actually be mass-manufactured cakes, but I hope not.  It also meant that the woman running the workshop didn’t have a clue about the ingredients of anything we were working with.  I had taken gluten free cupcakes with me, which I baked this morning, but then had no idea whether the fondant and buttercream contained gluten, nor the powders and colours used with the fondant. Humph

Anyway, enough of that.  We were supposed to be making six cupcakes, but as I’d taken my own, and had cakes, fondant and buttercream left over, I did some extras 🙂

Here is a box of buttercream topped cakes.  I know now that I’ve used a little much buttercream, but that is easy to rectify for next time.

buttercream topped cakes

And here are the three fondant topped cakes I made.  I think if I had more time, I could have made some of these decorations in advance and left them to harden a bit more, to retain the shapes I had made.  For instance, the butterflies and been left to dry out so that the wings would be lifted in some places, but they didn’t have long enough to dry, so this effect was lost when I transferred them to the cake.

fondant topped cakes

I particularly liked the handmade rose I made, which although you can’t see it very well in this photo, actually has varigated petals!  My other favourite was the gerbera, which was a little fiddly, but nice to make.

handmade rose gerbera

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2 comments on “I’m in Heaven …

  1. Jealous!
    Do you have all the correct tools at home for making the fiddly stuff?

    • Mahala on said:

      Not yet. I’m not going to bother with the purely sugarpaste/fondant designs in future, but I like the flowers. butterflies etc on the buttercream. Just need some cutters, which I was pricing up last night

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