Mission Impossible?

Question: What do you get when you combine two days, 750g butter and flour, a dozen eggs, a kilo and a half of mascarpone and a kilo of various kinds of sugar?

Answer: 75 gluten free cupcakes, topped with cream cheese icing and a chocolate heart.

My challenge for this week was to bake, decorate and distribute all these cupcakes to raise awareness of Coeliac Disease.  I did it.

It didn’t really take two days of course, if you put together the time I actually spent doing it, but it lasted two days because I was looking after my 5 month old daughter at the same time, and for some reason she didn’t feel like letting me abandon her in order to make and decorate all those cakes in one sitting 😉

So, I baked on Tuesday, decorated on Wednesday and then loaded them into my car, drove to my son’s school and gave them out to the children in reception year.  Two days of hard work and they vanished in 20 minutes flat!  The cupcakes weren’t the end of it though.  Before the children came to collect their cakes, they had all been given an information pack which included recipe cards, and two different information sheets about Coeliac Disease, as well as a Coeliac UK sticker and balloon.  They are 4 and 5 years old, after all.  The idea was that the children would enjoy the cake, the sticker (“I took part in the Gluten Free Challenge”) and the balloon and the parents would read the information.  The first part worked, anyway 😉

Here’s my photographic evidence that it actually happened:


There were more cakes than children, but I’m happy to say the spares went to a good cause – they were taken straight to the staff room for that afternoon’s staff meeting, where at least one of them was earmarked for a coeliac teacher who usually misses out on the treats!

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